The Radar Matrix is a unique and powerful quantitative model based on our own PROPRIETARY LEADING INDICATORS. The Radar often spots major trend changes before they become evident on a chart.  We are different to the technical analysis tools traders normally use as TA is solely based on the past. While we incorporate TA in what we do, we believe that it tells you very little about the future. The Radar, being based on all manner of leading data provides great edge for a trader because it stacks odds in your favour going forward. Check out our Q&A section to see what we provide on a daily basis and download our presentation.




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  • " provides a unique and consistent look at macro markets which is the best I have ever seen. The systematic approach both captures and ensures you (as a manager and trader) are alert to both small and big macro trends and changes. The alerts and updates are an integral part of my daily analysis. I highly recommend it to anyone who takes trading seriously."

    Steen Jakobsen

    Chief Economist & CIO, Saxo Bank

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  • "In a world full of mediocrity, you and Radar are extremely special." DC Prop Trader

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  • "I have been using The Radar Trader for nearly a year now. In that time I have always found it an extremely informative analysis" PM FA

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